About Us

WD Rees & Sons started life as Land & Engineering Services Limited. With the increase in both business and the use of CAD for survey drawings, it then became LES Computer Services Ltd. which enabled the company to not only carry out Land Surveys & Site Engineering but also sell the software used as an industry standard, AutoCAD. With the ever increasing demand for surveying services, WD Rees & Sons was formed. Its sole objective was to concentrate on Land Surveying and Site Engineering.

To date we have over 40 years experience in the industry. Projects have ranged from single property site surveys to the prestigious Canary Wharf project in Docklands. The latter being a direct contract with the Client, in the early days Olympia & York and later, Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd. Our work ranged from the early land surveys used for the initial planning, to the establishment of the Canary Wharf Grid System, which is in use today. The latest project on the site was the internal survey for the re-development of The Cabot Place Shopping Centre.